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Written by Dr. Dean Ziegler, Trucker's Guide to Passing the CDL Exam; Maintaining Health & Losing Weight (Trucker Drivers Health Series) (Volume 1), is an expert guide to maintaining ideal health and losing weight for Truck Drivers. Clicking on the image of the book will send you to Amazon to purchase it.

I have heard, repeatedly, that driving a truck is similar to “sitting on top of an 80,000 pound rocket.” In this social media day and age, information about severe truck accidents are publicized at a lightning speed. Public scrutiny of this industry is increasing, and governmental tightening of driver regulations are now being put in place. This book is intended to help you, the driver, maintain your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), and therefore keep your career. A disqualification means a temporary halt to your employment; a serious medical condition could end your career permanently. There are several physical guidelines that drivers must maintain in order to keep their CDLs. The aim of this book is to show you, through proper diet, nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle changes, how to continue meeting these physical guidelines and requirements. You are in control of your future!

- Dr. Dean Ziegler

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